A little background…

I played my first game of golf when I was sixteen. Shot 75. The game seemed almost too easy and not worth pursuing.

Convinced that I had some natural ability, my father registered me for a series of lessons with a local club professional.

After four months of weekly lessons and dedicated practice, I couldn’t break 100! The instructor kept reassuring me that, sooner or later, the new technique would “sink in”.

It never did.

Having completely lost my natural swing, I sought the advice of six different instructors over the next two years. Every teacher offered a different diagnosis on my swing faults. Frustrated and discouraged, I quit golf to focus on a career in Psychiatry.

After obtaining a Psychology degree, I took a year off to review my options. Another four years of university and three years of medical school was a daunting prospect. I wanted to see how my newfound knowledge applied in a real-life situation

My frustrating experience with golf was still vivid in my mind.

Why are golfers willing to invest time and money in formal instruction and willing to play worse without any guarantee for improvement?

After thirty-two years of teaching, I believe the biggest roadblock to improvement for
the once-a-week golfer is an obsession with proper technique. Every golfer has, on occasion, hit a perfect shot. The “secret” to re-creating those shots is discovering the recipe to forget swing mechanics for 1.5 seconds and just hit the damn ball!

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Additional Information

  • Former twenty-six year member of Canadian Professional Golfers Association (CPGA)
  • Director of Instruction Bloomington Downs Golf Centre (Thirty one years)
  • Taught over eleven-thousand lessons
  • Author: Just Hit The Damn Ball! book series
  • Creator (with Rick Davis) Two DIY Golf Learning Programs on Udemy
  • Youtube channel DaveJohnstongolf (currently 2k subscribers)
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