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Are you trapped in an endless cycle of trying to “fix” your swing?
Stop beating yourself up and discover the simple secrets to consistency.

Have you ever hit the perfect shot

You have the ability. All you need is the recipe.
This site will help you overcome the mental and physical roadblocks of traditional instruction.

The Secret

The “secret” to re-creating those shots is a clear understanding of cause and effect in the golf swing.

Have you ever wondered why all the good “muscle memory” disappears as soon as you set foot on the golf course? The answer is simple: you’ve been trying to change effects without addressing the underlying cause(s).

Every consistent swing is built on simple essential elements. Unfortunately, these elements are often overlooked in the mind-numbing world of golf swing theory. Since every golfer has a unique learning style, you can choose the best format to maximize your progress.

Our bi-weekly newsletter Simple Tips/Fast Results is a step by step-by-step system for guaranteed improvement. The simple video lessons and accompanying PDF give you the tools to cut through complex swing theories.

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Are you familiar with the axiom that golf is ninety percent mental? The Just Hit The Damn Ball book series is based on lessons with over eleven-thousand average golfers.

Written as a series of conversations, the series reveals common misconceptions in golf instruction and simple techniques to help you unlock the skill that lies beyond swing mechanics. If you prefer to learn at your own pace, our two DIY programs on Udemy are a cost-effective system for mastering the fundamentals.


Lower scores

Everyone’s trying to lower their score and I can help you do just that.

Effortless swing

I’ll help you build a consistent and effortless swing each and every time

Trusting your natural ability

The natural ability is there – we just have to find it and train it.


Just Hit The Damn Ball!

Have you heard that golf is ninety percent mental? What does the phrase really mean?
The biggest roadblock to improvement is an obsession with technical perfection.
Are you trapped in an endless cycle of fault-finding and error correction?
The Just Hit The Damn Ball! book series will help any golfer understand the unconscious beliefs that create mental roadblocks to improvement.


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